raises $6M from Stellaris Venture Partners raises $6M from Stellaris Venture Partners


We are excited to announce the seed funding round of $6M led by Stellaris Venture Partners, a leading enterprise software investor, with participation from leading strategic angel investors. Our heartfelt gratitude to all those who’ve been part of this incredible journey! We look forward to expanding the team in North America and continuing to build our tech stack. is used by the world’s top healthcare organizations like the Singapore Government, Massachusetts General Hospital, Radiology Partners, University Hospitals, I-MED Radiology, Albert Einstein Hospital, and Clinton Health Access Initiative, to name a few.

We are also creating an impact in the public health space by working with the Government of India to enable large-scale Tuberculosis Screening Programmes in the most remote regions of the country.

“Over the past two years, we have onboarded more than 50 AI developers having 100+ AI applications, which made us the largest AI marketplace in terms of number of AI applications offered to customers. We are proud that some of the largest healthcare enterprises in the world have vetted our technology and trust us to be their partner in their AI and automation journeys,” said Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer of

A recent joint statement by the world’s top radiology associations also brings to light the importance of validation, deployment and monitoring of AI while being used in clinical practice. We address this need through our proprietary DEV-D framework allowing healthcare providers to first Discover (D), Explore (E) and Validate (V) AI applications from the marketplace, and subsequently Deploy (D) the most appropriate application across their clinical workflows.

Alok Goyal, a partner at Stellaris Venture Partners, says new technology in radiology is badly needed. “The volume of imaging scans shows a steady 9% year-on-year growth, outpacing the 1.8% growth in the number of radiologists; bridging this demand gap is a crucial challenge for healthcare providers, and we believe AI will be the key,” he says. “CARPL’s integrated platform, designed for testing, deploying, and monitoring radiology AI applications, is poised to empower healthcare providers by seamlessly integrating AI into their clinical workflows.”

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University Hospitals uses as the AI validation and deployment partner

University Hospitals Uses CARPL.Ai As The AI Validation And Deployment Partner x UH RadiCLE is proud to announce that the University Hospitals Department of Radiology has signed a multi-year strategic agreement with as the AI validation and deployment partner for the UH RadiCLE AI Lab, RadiCLE – UH Radiology A.I. and Diagnostic Innovation Collaborative.

CARPL\’s D.E.V.-D framework – Discovery, Exploration, Validation & Deployment – allows UH Radiology Innovation team to quickly access, assess and integrate AI solutions from all over the world in the RadiCLE ecosystem.

This relationship will enhance UH\’s current capabilities to assess 3rd party AI, provide a structured approach to offer validation services toward attaining FDA clearance, and become a central repository of curated datasets for AI creation.

“We are excited to have as a platform for executing our projects in developing, validating, integrating and assessing radiology AI solutions at UH RadiCLE.” – Leonardo Kayat Bittencourt, MD PhD, Director of RadiCLE and Vice-Chair of Innovation at UH Radiology. has partnered with NTT DATA for the US market

CARPL.Ai Has Partnered With NTT DATA For The US Market x NTT DATA is delighted to announce our partnership with NTT DATA, for the US market!

Through this partnership, we seek to accelerate the deployment of AI at scale across provider and life sciences clinical imaging domains in the US.

NTT DATA’s Advocate AI services empower’s users to leverage data assets and enable improved data insights for a tailored, data-driven approach to providing value-based care and achieving positive patient outcomes.

By using CARPL’s cutting-edge platform, healthcare providers can seamlessly explore, discover, validate and deploy single or multiple AI solutions across their workflows. Joins Stanford Affiliates Program to Expand Deployment of Medical Imaging AI in the Clinical Realm

CARPL.Ai Joins Stanford Affiliates Program To Expand Deployment Of Medical Imaging AI In The Clinical Realm

Stanford, CA, June 16, 2022:, a technology platform that connects Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications and healthcare providers announced their participation in Stanford University’s prestigious Industry Affiliates Program through the Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI).

The announcement came as part of Stanford AIMI Symposium 2022, one of the world’s leading conferences on AI in medicine. The 3rd annual symposium was a hybrid event, held both in person at Stanford and live streamed for online attendees.

Curt Langlotz, Professor of Radiology and Biomedical Informatics and Director of Stanford AIMI, said, “AIMI faculty have been working with CARPL for almost three years, including our most recent work on cryptographic inferencing for AI models. We are excited to formalize our relationship with and look forward to our affiliation with them.”

Speaking at the AIMI symposium, Dr. Vidur Mahajan, Chief Executive Officer of, said, “Stanford is the undoubted leader in the field, having sparked the AI in imaging revolution by publishing some of the first research, and open sourcing some of the first datasets in medical imaging. We consider it our privilege to be part of their ecosystem.”

As the number of AI applications coming into the clinical realm increases, it is becoming nearly impossible for healthcare providers to access, assess and then integrate these solutions into their clinical workflows. CARPL bridges this gap by acting as an intermediary platform for development, testing, and distribution of these AI applications.

“CARPL is unique in the combined capabilities that the platform offers – their data management, search, cohort creation, annotation, validation and deployment modules provide a holistic approach to translation of AI models into the clinic. We look forward to a successful long-term partnership. It will be exciting to see how CARPL supports researchers and clinicians.”, said Johanna Kim, Executive Director of Stanford AIMI.


CARPL is an end-to-end technology platform for the development, testing, and distribution of medical imaging AI applications in clinical workflows. Used by some of the world’s top AI researchers and health systems, it connects AI applications and healthcare providers helping improve access, affordability, and quality of medical care. More Information:

About the Stanford AIMI Center

The Stanford Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine and Imaging (AIMI) was established in 2018 with the primary mission to solve clinically important problems in medicine using AI. Drawing on Stanford’s interdisciplinary expertise in clinical medical imaging, bioinformatics, statistics, electrical engineering, and computer science, the AIMI Center supports the development, evaluation and dissemination of new AI methods applied across the medical imaging life cycle. Its mission is to develop and support transformative medical AI applications and the latest in applied computational and biomedical imaging research to advance patient health. More info:



Vidur Mahajan | Chief Executive Officer |

For Stanford AIMI

Johanna Kim | Executive Director |

CARPL wins Economic Times Health Tech Startup of the Year 2021!

CARPL Wins Economic Times Health Tech Startup Of The Year 2021!

CARPL – the world’s first testing and deployment platform for radiology automation has recently been awarded as the Health Tech Startup of the Year by Economic Times! We are proud to partner with some of the world’s leading AI developers, helping healthcare providers improve access, affordability and quality of medical care globally.


CARING at SIIM 2021!


There are 4 lectures by CARING at SIIM 2021 talking about various aspects of AI deployment and validation. The sessions are:


1.) Harsh Mahajan, Integrated Diagnostics – the Future of Radiology, 6:30pm – 7:30pm ET, 24th May, 2021

2.) Vidur Mahajan,  Pre-Deployment Testing of AI Algorithms, 6:30pm – 7:30pm ET, 26th May, 2021

3.) Vidur Mahajan, Global Perspectives and Considerations for Addressing Fairness in Radiology AI, 2:45pm – 3:45pm ET, 27th May, 2021

Panel Discussion

1.) Imaging informatics in underserved communities, Hosted by Judy Wawira Gichoya, 4:15pm – 5:15pm, 24th May, 2021