Practical Guide For Deployment Of AI Solutions In Clinical Environment: How Did We Do It?


• Every AI company developing/validating algorithms on different modalities has this question in mind – how to deploy

AI algorithms in a radiology department?

• Different types of deployment options:

o On-cloud

o On-prem (CPU-only)

o On-prem (CPU + GPU)

• How to integrate deployment with the department\’s PACS/Workstation?

• Specific Site wise deployment because of Non Uniform data in same modality\’s images.

• How deploying AI algorithms in docker form will be a wise choice?

• IOT Devices like raspberry pi can be used for Image data anonymization in an On-cloud setup.

• How can the result of the algorithm be transferred back to PACS/Workstation?

• How can the result also be shown in the hospital or radiology centre’s HIS/RIS using HL7 messaging?

• What type of Hardware configuration can be used in an On-prem deployment?

• How to ensure Patient’s Data privacy?

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