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  • 2009-09-01

Recollections of learning-disabled adolescents of their schooling experiences: A qualitative study


Little is known about the actual impact of the schooling experience on adolescents with specific learning disability (SpLD).


To analyze the recollections of adolescents with SpLD who were undergoing education in regular mainstream schools.


Prospective interview-based study conducted in our clinic.


Adolescents’ responses to a semi-structured interview were audio-taped, transcribed verbatim and interpreted by content analysis. The number of participants was determined by ‘saturation sampling,’resulting in a total of 30 adolescents.


Twelve (40%) adolescents had ‘overall’neutral recollections, 9 (30%) had ‘overall’positive recollections and 9 (30%) had ‘overall’negative recollections about having SpLD during their schooling. Fourteen (46.7%) adolescents stated ‘getting provisions’ as good features, whereas 7 (23.3%) stated ‘feeling different from classmates’ and 6 (20%) stated ‘being teased by classmates about their disability’as bad features of having SpLD. Nineteen (63.3%) adolescents remembered classroom teachers being supportive, while 7 (23.3%) remembered being insulted by them. Of the 21 adolescents who had undergone remedial education, only 10 (47.6%) acknowledged that it had benefited them. Twenty-one (70%) adolescents stated that availing provisions helped in getting better marks in examinations. Ten (33.3%) adolescents had negative recollections about their parents’ behavior in relation to their disability. Twenty (66.7%) adolescents wanted changes in their school to help students with SpLD.


Improving the knowledge of classroom teachers, classmates and family members about SpLD and about the rationale of provisions will help reduce the unpleasant experiences students with SpLD undergo during their schooling years.

Link to complete publication here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=view_citation&hl=en&user=dqpMNRUAAAAJ&citation_for_view=dqpMNRUAAAAJ:u5HHmVD_uO8C

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