To Data Science Researchers & Health Tech

Secure yet flexible imaging data management

CARPL’s provides an AI-enabled, secure yet flexible platform for all your medical imaging data management, reading and annotation needs! From de-identification to data management – leave your DICOM worries to us!

Comprehensive data management and search platform

  • Save storage costs
  • Comprehensive text-based search capabilities
  • De-identify with confidence
  • Break studies into series into SOPs – all with a couple of clicks!

An annotation platform that radiologists love

  • Annotate training data, or run clinical trials for AI
  • Faster, better, more reliable annotations
  • Pre-integrated 3rd party tools such as ITK-SNAP, 3D-Slicer and Radiant DICOM

Monitor deployments across geographies

  • CARPL is infrastructure-agnostic → deploy on-cloud or on-prem
  • AI-ready from the get-go, CARPL can integrate 3rd party AI algorithms to enhance your workflows and processes
  • Use our Command Line Interface (REST-API based) to integrate your existing tools with CARPL