To Developers of AI

Accelerate Adoption

CARPL supports you through your algorithm development, testing and deployment journey

Deploy your algorithms across our growing install-base

  • Hospitals, Imaging Centres, Academic Centres and Teleradiology Practices
  • PACS and equipment vendors
  • Medical device and pharma companies

A deployment platform that moulds itself to YOUR standards

  • Save engineering time → Ultra-fast standard-agnostic model integration turn-around
  • Deploy with confidence → pre-integration algorithmic auditing and testing
  • Improve models → Access model performance feedback on-the-fly

Leverage the CARPL install-base to build and test AI


  • 25 million+ studies
  • Multi-modality
  • Longitudinal
  • Hard Ground Truth


  • Reports
  • Consensus Labels
  • Bounding boxes
  • Pixel-level labels

Clinical Trials

  • Regulatory trials
  • Investigator initiated
  • Real-world studies
  • Publish papers

Use CARPL to accelerate your AI development life cycle

Comprehensive data management and search platform

  • Save storage costs
  • Cohort creation using report and metadata search
  • De-identify with confidence

An annotation platform that radiologists love

  • Annotate training data, or run clinical trials for AI
  • Faster, better, more reliable annotations
  • Pre-integrated 3rd party tools such as ITK-SNAP and Radiant

The world’s only AI validation platform

  • Reduce load on your data science team
  • Predict model performance at customer sites before deploying
  • valuate clinical applicability

Save integration time using our deployment platform

  • Reduce RIS-PACS integration timeframes from months to days
  • HIPAA compliant, in-built deID
  • Monitor deployments