About Us

Taking AI from Bench to Clinic

CARPL is the world’s first testing and deployment platform for medical imaging AI applications, which connects healthcare providers to 3rd party AI applications helping improve access, affordability, and quality of medical care.

CARPL bridges the gap between healthcare providers and AI developers by serving as a gatekeeper that seamlessly connects both sides of the ecosystem. In essence, CARPL is a single interface to access AI algorithms, validate and test them, and subsequently embed them into radiology workflows.

CARPL is currently used by 40+ organisations including the world’s leading healthcare providers like Massachusetts General Hospital, Thomas Jefferson Hospital, and Stanford University in the US, DASA, FIDI, Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil, and Manipal Hospitals, Aster DM Healthcare and Aarthi Scans in India.

More than 10 academic papers, and 120 scientific presentations have been made by CARPL.


  • – CARPL’s expansive feature-base ensures a multitude of use-cases across its users:
  • – Imaging data management & search
  • – Data labelling, annotation and reading platform
  • – AI inferencing platform
  • – AI validation platform, including real-time validation
  • – AI deployment platform, including one-click RIS-PACS integration


CARPL’s vision is to be the back-end platform behind all medical imaging AI deployment globally by becoming the single interface for AI deployment at healthcare providers, and the go-to-market strategy of choice for AI developers.