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Observability and Monitoring

Keep track of system performance and workflow efficiency with comprehensive observability and monitoring tools.

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DICOM Support

Seamlessly handle medical imaging data with full DICOM support for interoperability and compatibility.

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Urgency Flags & Clinical Findings

Prioritize cases effectively with urgency flags and easily access clinical findings for prompt decision-making.

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Accept/Reject AI Results & Push Notifications

Empower you to accept or reject AI-generated results and receive push notifications for timely review.

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Head to Head Comparison of AI

Engage in seamless interaction with AI algorithms to enhance diagnostic accuracy and efficiency.

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Customizable Workflows

Customize workflows to fit your specific requirements and preferences, optimizing productivity and streamlining processes.

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Report Auto-population

Expedite reporting tasks with automatic population of relevant data, reducing manual entry errors and saving time.

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PACS & RIS integration

Zero disruption in clinical workflows

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Single Click AI Performance Reports

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