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CARPL.ai is a vendor-neutral Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that allows radiologists to access, assess, and integrate radiology AI solutions in their clinical practice. CARPL provides a single user interface, a single data channel, and a single procurement channel for the testing, deployment, and monitoring of AI solutions in clinical radiology workflows. We are the world’s largest radiology AI marketplace offering 100+ applications from 45+ AI vendors.

About Carpl


Vendor-neutral PACS and RIS integration
  • Standardized Protocols: DICOM/DicomWeb, HL7 v2.x, HL7 FHIR, API flexibility, single access point, cloud-agnostic solutions.
AI Model Management
  • The Platform ensures scalability and high availability for the efficient AI model deployment and management featuring automatic identification of the right series and routing to appropriate algorithms.
  • Observability and monitoring
  • DICOM Support
  • Urgency Flags & Clinical Findings
  • Accept/Reject AI Results & Push Notifications
  • Seamless interaction with AI
  • Customisable Workflows
  • Report auto population

Data Security, Privacy & Compliance

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