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Our Technology

Observability and Monitoring:

Gain comprehensive insights into radiology AI deployments with admin dashboards.

Monitor studies, deployments, annotations, and user activity, and identify potential issues.

Proactively address infrastructure and application problems with alerts and observability tools.

Ensure smooth operation and optimal performance of your radiology AI.

DICOM & HL7 Support:

Seamless integration with existing healthcare data infrastructure.

Supports DICOM and HL7 standards for smooth data exchange.

Enables effortless communication between radiology systems and AI applications.

Streamlines data flow for efficient AI utilization.

Urgent Flags and Clinical Findings:

Expedite critical case detection and prioritization with AI-powered urgent flags.

Quickly identify fractures, tumours, and other critical cases for faster attention.

Leverage AI to accelerate discovery and prioritization of critical clinical findings.

Ensure timely interventions for improved patient outcomes.

Accept/Reject AI Results and Push Notifications:

Standardize AI outputs for radiologists with CARPL.ai, promoting consistency and accuracy.

Streamline radiologist workflow with push notifications for new or updated AI findings.

Facilitate prompt review and action on AI-generated insights.

Head-to-Head Comparison of AI:

Simplify AI evaluation by comparing multiple solutions side-by-side within CARPL.ai.

Gain comprehensive insights into AI performance and accuracy through statistical and clinical comparisons.

Make informed decisions by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different AI options.

Select the AI solution that best fits your specific needs and radiology practice.

Customizable Workflows:

Adapt CARPL.ai to your specific radiology practice needs.

Customize workflows to optimize efficiency and streamline radiologist tasks.

Enhance user experience and improve overall productivity.

Report Auto-Population:

Leverage AI to automatically populate radiology reports, saving radiologists time and effort.

Improve report turnaround times and enhance efficiency.

Standardize reporting formats and ensure consistency in patient care documentation.

Empower radiologists to focus on complex cases and value-added tasks.

PACS & RIS Integration | Interoperability:

Connect your PACS and RIS (Radiology Information System) for effortless data exchange.

Eliminate data silos and ensure seamless communication between radiology workflows and AI applications.

Streamline data access for AI analysis and reporting.

Reduce manual data entry tasks and minimize errors.

Single-Click AI Performance Reports:

Generate comprehensive performance reports with a single click in CARPL.ai

Unlock the potential of CARPL platform for optimizing radiology workflows

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