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  • 2019-01-11

The Secret Seven: Free tools that every'next-gen'practicing radiologist should know!

There are many tools available today free of cost, and freely available, that are user-friendly, require no prior experience of developing software and can enable any radiologist to exponentially improve their performance. The need of such tools stems from the fact that: Many times radiologists need to segment out some structures from their images, and often doing it themselves is faster and more accurate Sometime images need to be pulled from PACS, or reports need to be pulled from RIS. Often radiologists rely on others (IT, transcriptionists etc.) - doing it themselves can speed up this process.

Link to complete publication here: https://scholar.google.com/citations?view_op=view_citation&hl=en&user=dqpMNRUAAAAJ&cstart=20&pagesize=80&citation_for_view=dqpMNRUAAAAJ:roLk4NBRz8UC

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