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  • 2019-08-14

Tips and Tricks on Basic Programming Tools for Radiologists to Handle DICOM Data


  • In the era of artificial intelligence, it is beneficial for radiologists to learn some basic programming tools to organise and curate DICOM data.
  • There are numerous user-friendly simple tools available, that can be used in their clinical and research practice.
  • DCM4CHE and DCMTK are open-source tools that can be used for the following:
    • a. Extracting images from PACS systems, using filters like study date, modalityetc.
    • b. Data sorting, Data modification and analysis.
    • c. Converting Dicom (DCM) images to Jpeg or Pdf.
    • d. Transferring Data to PACS or any other viewer.
  • Python is one of the easier programming languages which a radiologist, without much programming background, can learn and start using for manipulating DICOM data. Some python modules to use radiology are:
    • a. Pydicom
    • b. Matplotlib
    • c. Pynetdicom3
    • d. tqdm


  • Why a radiologist should learn Basic programming tools.
  • About DCM Toolkit & how to install
  • Multiple Functions of DCM Toolkit & how to use them.
  • What is Python? How to Install Python.
  • What is pip? How to install python modules using pip.
  • Use of Python to modify Dicom’s Metadata.

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